2022 Foundation Scholarship
Click to view the Application Information Sheet for CHILDREN of Nucor teammates

Click to view the Application Information Sheet for COMMUNITY Scholarships for Nucor specific counties and are majoring in Engineering or Metallurgy

Click to view the Application Information Sheet for the Ernest S. Mike DeLaney, III Foundation for High School Seniors attending Public High Schools in Charlotte (Mecklenburg County) North Carolina and are majoring in Business, Finance, Accounting or a Law-related major

Applicant Instructions:

New Applicants: After creating your Login Information (email, password, date of birth) click "Start" and you are ready to start the Nucor electronic Foundation Scholarship application process. NOTE: Email should be the “students” and you will need to use a GMAIL account which is preferred, or YAHOO, AOL, etc. A current high school email or college email is NOT acceptable.

Obtain from your Guidance Counselor a copy of your official transcript showing grades for "seven" semesters which should include your class rank. Your transcript along with SAT/ACT test scores and at least ONE letter of recommendation.

NEW PROCESS: Once you have completed your on-line application, ALL required documents should be given to your local HR Administrator for review.  Submission of your “FINAL” electronic copy should be received by the FOUNDATION by March 1st and no later than March 15th. No LATE applications will be accepted.

No further action is required and you will receive word from the Scholarship Selection Committee by mid April.

For Application questions please email Scholarship Support , phone 704-367-8662 or FAX 704-943-7199. (Email is the preferred mode of communication)
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